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PhD Coaching - the Path to a successful doctorate

Date: Monday, February 13, 2017, 10am-6pm and Tuesday, February 14, 9am-5pm
Location: Seminarzentrum, Kerpener Str. 15, 50937 Köln

Target group: Doctoral candidates in all disciplines
Language: English
Participation fee: 40 Euro
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"Doing a doctorate is like hiking through unfamiliar und uneven terrain, always uncertain of where and when the path will end." When you wander through the jungle of independent research, it is always helpful to have a guide - preferably someone who understands the impassable trails. This is why we offer coaching for doctoral researchers so you can successfully complete your dissertation and effectively conquer the difficulties that typically arise in the different phases of your project. In this workshop, you will develop strategies to move your dissertation along expediently. Networking with other participants and peer mentoring are encouraged to promote an exchange of ideas.
Participants will be familiarized with the basic guidelines and techniques of self-management and time management; this will allow you to better structure your workload. Based on your existing working habits, you will learn more about which type of worker you are and how you can improve your working situation to be more efficient and more productive. You will acquire strategies for sustainable self-motivation, as well as communication strategies for agreeing on objectives and negotiating with your advisor.

- The classic phases of a doctorate degree, obstacles and personal strategies for solutions
- Basic rules for effective self-management and time-management in a doctoral program
- Sustainable strategies for self-motivation, dealing with crises
- Project responsibilities and tackling the degree
- Defining limits in terms of projects/responsibilities
- Techniques for working; formulating and achieving goals
- Academic advising and managing conversations with your advisor

Jan Stamm

Dr. Jan Stamm ist ausgebildeter und zertifizierter Kommunikations- und Verhaltenstrainer sowie Coach (DCV). Der promovierte Philosoph verfügt über jahrelange Erfahrung im Training mit Promovierenden, insbesondere auch mit interdisziplinären Gruppen. Seine Schwerpunkte sind Workshops zum Selbst- und Projektmanagement sowie zur Vorbereitung auf die Disputation.