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Academic Writing in English in the Natural and Life Sciences

Date: Thursday/Friday, December 1/2, 2016, 9am-5pm
Location: Seminarzentrum, Kerpener Str. 15, 50937 Köln

Target group: Doctoral candidates in the Natural and Life Sciences
Language: English
Participation fee: 40 Euro
Registration closed



This two-day workshop enables life scientists to communicate their research clearly and effectively. Through numerous writing examples and relevant exercises as well as class discussions, participants learn how to describe their work in a flowing narrative with a clear “take home message”. The interactive nature of the workshop means participants benefit not only from the experience of the instructor but also from the ideas of other participants. Each participant receives a copy of our reference and exercise books. Additionally, writing samples from each participant are edited by the class instructor. The workshop teaches participants not only to tell the story of their research but also to direct their research using the writing process.


As preparation for the workshop, participants are asked to provide a short sample of their own writing. This should be an abstract and title either from a manuscript currently in preparation or describing participants’ research so far. Early stage PhD students may choose to submit an outline of their proposed project. The writing sample should be a paragraph of 150 - 250 words with a one-sentence title. The writing sample will be edited by the course instructor and used as material for some of the practical writing exercises.

Anne Wegner

Anne Wegner, M.Sc., is a native English speaker, born and raised in England. With her B.Sc. degree in D.P.S. Ergonomics she worked for companies, organizing projects across Europe. Furthermore she acted in translating and teaching English to Speakers of other languages. Since 2007 she works as an associate lecturer at the University of Bonn. As an English teacher and intercultural trainer, her motto is “it’s not just about what you write, it’s also about how you write it!”